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Can bananas help to heal wounds?

Waiting for a wound to heal sometimes seems to take a very long time, and then there is the additional risk of possible infections. If only there was a way to get these cuts and scrapes to disappear more quickly. Research suggests that banana pulp delivers results in terms of accelerating recovery. Indian researchers mixed a banana pulp extract into the feed given to a group of rats and then monitored the speed of their skin repair, compared with the rats that received normal food. Not only did the banana-fed group restore 27% faster than the control group, the rats tested also had a 186% higher concentration of healing proteins in their skin. How could this be?

The graph contains information on a selection of the most popular types of leafy vegetables, but certainly doesn’t present the only options. There are numerous possible combinations, for example, a mix of highly nutritious Romaine and curly red lettuces, a little radicchio and oak leaf for extra flavour and texture. Previous research showed that banana pulp helps growth factors in the bloodstream to pool and thus to support skin recovery. Whether banana extracts help cure human wounds remains to be seen, but there are at least enough other reasons to eat a banana. Like this, fruit contains compounds that supports fat burning and DNA repair and helps to ┬árelieve asthma.

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